Is it worth buying Velashape packages?

  • TigraSaggi
  • Mississauga, ON, Canada
  • 2 years ago

I am 49, had 3 C-sections and have a not a huge, but still noticeable and irritating me bump above the scar (on my belly). Also lately my waste became a big bigger (all around) and I would like to remove a few inches in my waste area. I am not lazy, but gym doesn't work and I really don't have time to be there to often as I am alone with kids now, too busy. I see now some great deal online where I could have on me Velashape 3 sessions 30 min each for $70 Can. I can buy a few deal vouchers. But I wanted to find out first if that works at all and how long time I would need (how many sessions and how long they should be for being effective). The article doesn't answer the questions to have imagination about it, as well as no really information in the reviews. What we need to see in review - how much of working area you had, how long time it took to get a result if any. Helpful reviews are those who tell that it is not for those who have too much fat. OK. I don't have "too much". But I couldn't really find answers on other questions. I don't ask the guys who are going to provide the service because of course I don't trust them - they will definitely say that a few times will be enough and the results on me will be great. But even if I buy lets say 3 vouchers that will let me doing 3 sessions 30 minutes each, it is still money that I have to take from my kids. It would be definitely worth if I saw the result. And it isn't worth to spend even $250 if that doesn't work or removes may be some 1 inch after all, leaviung a bump above the scar