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Is it worth it to buy silicone gel or gel sheets?

  • seanswife
  • 2 years ago

I am 2 1/2 months out from surgery. My scars are not raised very much but are wide and pink. I am fair-skinned and unlikely to develop keloids. Should I invest in silicone gel/sheets at all and, if so, should I start now or wait for a while to see how things go?

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I used the gel sheets and my scars look great, but my regular doctor says I 'scar really well,' so it may be due to that more than the sheeting. My PS says the other thing that really helps is to massage along the scars in gentle, circular movements with your fingertips, which is easy and inexpensive.
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These can be very expensive and do not always work for everyone.  You will read many different opinions on these.  Some love them and others say they never worked for them.  

Personally they did not work for me.  I found that the Palmer's Oil as well as the Bio Oil with massage worked excellent for me.  My breast scars are minimal to nothing now.  

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Thanks! That's encouraging, considering the price of the silicone stuff. I am already massaging, so I'll invest in some Palmer's and Bio Oil.
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I just saw my PS today for follow up and he recommended ScarZone, which is a silicone based cream. You buy it over the counter and he said he likes the results better than something like Maderma and it is much cheaper. I'm going to give that a try and see how well it works. Will let you know.
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I'll look forward to hearing your review :).
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