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Should I be worried that I can push my skin down 7 weeks after rhinoplasty? I am worried about forming scar tissue

  • swollen99
  • 1 year ago

I had a lot of swelling on my supratip the first two weeks.  It went down, but now I am worried y skin seems a bit loose in that area, because I can push the loose skin down and it presses against the cartilage and makes the nose look better.  However I am happy with the way it looks now, I just don't want to form scar tissue leading to a polly beak because I have thick skin.  When does this scar tissue form leading to pollybeak in the "dead space".  Also I didn't get a huge reduction or anything.

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Don't push on it. "Loose skin" and some fluid is normal at 7 weeks, the swelling/fluctuation will take up to 3 months to resolve, something my own surgeon didn't tell me. If you're worried, just tape it gently, but talk to your surgeon. I know it's maddening. Don't paw at your nose, you will regret it!
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