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REALLY worried about post surgery pain!!

  • Mairi
  • Emporia, va
  • 3 years ago

HI! I am 30 years old and after 3 babies and lapband, I am FINALLY having a tummy tuck in 10 days on October 14th!! I am VERY excited and VERY nervous!! I have been watching everything under the sun about tummy tucks on youtube, and google has probably had a small melt down over me looking up everything I can find out about it! I am worried about the amount of pain I will be in after the surgery. I was given demerol for pain but honestly, I have had that before and it doesn't do anything for me! I am really afraid to ask my surgeon for something different because doctors are so weird about pain medications now. I'm afraid he will just ignore that I have used it before after surgery and it didn't help. How should I approach this issue and what other meds might work for me?