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REALLY worried about post surgery pain!!

  • Mairi
  • Emporia, va
  • 3 years ago

HI! I am 30 years old and after 3 babies and lapband, I am FINALLY having a tummy tuck in 10 days on October 14th!! I am VERY excited and VERY nervous!! I have been watching everything under the sun about tummy tucks on youtube, and google has probably had a small melt down over me looking up everything I can find out about it! I am worried about the amount of pain I will be in after the surgery. I was given demerol for pain but honestly, I have had that before and it doesn't do anything for me! I am really afraid to ask my surgeon for something different because doctors are so weird about pain medications now. I'm afraid he will just ignore that I have used it before after surgery and it didn't help. How should I approach this issue and what other meds might work for me? 

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Hi there and congratulations on your surgery date. I'm 4 weeks post TT and agree with Maryrc that (for me at least) it was more about discomfort than pain. I can't take any kind of opiate painkiller so managed fine on Paracetamol and Ibuprofen but everyone is different. Please tell your doctor and the anaesthetist about your concerns if you are really worried - nobody should be expected to put up with being in pain. xx
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Hi,good luck with the surgery.The pain can be controlled with medication.I am 5 weeks on from my TT,no regrets and the hardest part was how uncomfortable it was,not the pain.It took me over 2 weeks to stand upright and that felt such a long time,it also left me much weaker too, unable to stand at all for more than a few minutes before needing a seat.I cant believe the difference a few weeks can make,so try looking at it that way x
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Hi congrats on your upcoming surgery. i had my full tt w/ lipo in may. the lipo hurt way worse than the tt. it's uncomfortable because you wont be able to stand up straight for 2 weeks or so. just like your post be direct you will be less stressed.
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Don't be afraid to ask for something different for the pain.  If they know it doesn't work for you then they can give you something else.  There are so many pain medications they are able to prescribe.  

You need to have pain relief in order to rest and heal properly.  While the meds won't ever totally take the pain away they will help greatly.  Stay on top of the dose as prescribed and keep in touch with your doctor if they are not working.  

It's a proven medical fact that patients with proper pain relief after surgery heal more effectively.  

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