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So worried about my breast lift complications has anyone experienced this

  • needrealhelp
  • 2 years ago

Please see my profile there are some pretty ugly photos sorry if u have a weak stomach. Name on here is needrealhelp

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I wish needrealhelp would post now. I am curious to how she did.
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I also have pain under left nipple. Sometimes severe and other times not at all.I do take neurontin,but for my ms. That has not helped the issue.Will see doctor on Friday and hope to find out what it is. Will let you know if i get a solution.
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Thank you for responding. Although I'm sorry you have the same or similar problem- it's comforting to know I'm not a strange or unusual case. Please let me know if you find any answers and I'll do the same for you. Good luck!
I had a breat lift about 18 months ago. Very soon after the surgery, I experienced severe burning & pain in my left nipple and the entire breast ached much more than the right side. The left nipple was/is also very hard and erect.The doc said the pain/burning should "settle down" as time goes on & more healing takes place. The problem did not get better at all- so about 6 months post-op, I got another opinion from a different surgeon who thought the nipple muscles were in a constant spasm causing the pain, burning & hardness. He suggested Botox to relax the nipple muscles. I had Botox injections twice- but it didn't help at all. So here I am a year & a half later with the same problem. I keep my hand on my left breat in the shower because the water hitting it is painful. I wear a silicone nipple protector over it during the day. I take Neurontin for burning "nerve" pain which helps some too. I'm afraid this will be a life-long problem- so I really wish I didn't have the lift at all. Has anyone else had this problem -and found a solution??
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Sorry to hear that, I would seek advice everywhere, my looks painful but it get managable, I will be going in for my 3rd surgery the end of next week, don't reget the removal of my implants or lift compared to what they were, it is a lot lighter on my back & neck. I sure hope u find someone with this problem.
Thank you and good luck with your surgery.

Hi there,

You might want to try to connect with this RealSelf member who also had to deal with open wounds after a breast lift. Try sending a PM to this lady in Georgia who had unsatisfactory results, too. Hope this helps!

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