worried about my 375 cc's

  • feliza
  • 2 years ago

Holly heck... I'm actually having surgery on the 15th! :-)  I'm having a minnie TT and a BA done. I am 120 lbs and 5'8" .   My bra size is currently a 34A.  Does anyone with similar stats have any insight?  So nervous and excited!   I wish I had a picture to help.

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I am in the same boat, its so hard to figure out the size. I don't want anything huge either, just a nice C cup, and I want them to look natural (but a GOOD natural)
My doctor said about 350 cc is what he would suggest, but they looked huge to me on the table.
I am 5'6" and 165 lbs.

I have a couple of friends that went with 350 ccs and theirs look huge, but of course they have a much smaller frame than mine. I just want them to be RIGHT!
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I think with your height they will look great! If you are having them placed under the muscle, keep in mind that they will look smaller once they are placed. I have been doing a great deal of research and am feeling exactly like you with the same concern but it seems like the majority of the women wished they would have gone a little bigger. I orginally wanted 350's but I am also leaning towards 375!! Best of luck to you!!
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I am worried about what they will look like on me... I don't want huge boobs. I just want to be proportionate. I want NICE boobs. hehe.
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Woot! You're doing it. 375's sound very reasonable for you. What is worrying you about them?

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