Worried I'm not going to be considered "big enough" to qualify

  • Laura43546
  • 2 years ago

I've just discovered these forums as I have started to consider the BR surgery, and certainly there is lots of useful info on here!   I'm currently a 36DDD/36F (as measured by my local bra fitting shop) and I've been getting worsening back, neck and overall posture issues the past year.  I've been heavy-chested for a while, but since having kids, I went from a 36D to a DDD.  I'm 5'5 and 142.   I am definitely over it, and I can't stand looking at pictures of myself with any sort of fitted shirt because all you see are boobs!  I'm done having kids, and this really runs in my family - my mom & her sisters are big.  One had a reduction and her biggest regret was waiting so long to ask for it.  My mom's doctor is on her case to get it done as well.   I've been seeing a chiropractor, and I have scheduled an appt with a plastic surgeon in a couple of weeks (I don't need a referral with my UHC insurance).  However, I'm worried they are going to say I am not big enough to qualify for insurance to cover?   How does the surgeon measure you to determine your "real" size?  I mean, bra size is probably relatively meaningless in the end, since so many people wear the wrong size, different manufacturers mean different sizes, etc.     Just trying to prepare myself!