Worried about general anesthesia during tummy tuck

  • ready4change
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • 4 years ago

I'm having a full tummy tuck on May 3rd. My surgery is going to be 6 hours long for a combines tummy tuck and lipo.I'm freaking out to say the least. My biggest concern is what if I don't wake up...I'm a 25 year old female no health issues and only on birth control. I've lost 63lbs and currently weigh 178, I'm 5'6" and I walk/jog 5-10 miles a day. Am I a good candidate for general anesthesia?

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Going under general anesthesia is scary for some people. If your procedure is being performed by a board certified surgeon, I'm sure he or she has evaluated you and would not put you at undue risk. If you don't feel this is the case, speak to your surgeon and/or get a second opinion from a doctor who can examine you. Please keep us updated on how your treatment goes!
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