Working out Prior to BBL

  • Junk n the trunk
  • Washington, DC
  • 1 year ago

Hello, I am schedule to undergo my BBL in mid-December and I am also an avid gym rat who works out 5-6 days per week.  My workouts consist of 40 minutes of cardio followed by 1 hour of weight lifting.  I am 5 3," 155 lbs and my measurements are 38-28-39.  As you can tell from my measurements, I have a good amount of size back there.  However, I would like to round it out more and add just a little bit more volume.  My PS informed me that because I do not have a lot of fat, he would only be able to put 450 cc in each cheek.  Because of this, i'm curious as to whether it would be worth it or should I just get lipo which will also give me the appearance of more volume once he lipos my mid section.  Does anyone have any recommendations regarding my situation?  Also, should I continue to do my daily workouts, particularly squats and lunges, or should I stop and try to put on more weight?  I'm thinking the squats and lunges will ultimately assist in my overall goal of adding more volume.   Thanks 

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Hey Junk! I am working towards getting to your measurements...nice! I am 5'2' 165lbs. I am working to lose 15lbs before my surgery so I can have optimal results. Since you mentioned wanting more volume vs just wanting more contrast from waist to booty, I would say go for it. You will get the smaller waist from the lipo AND the added volume. You will look great. Who's your doctor?
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