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How Can I Get off Work for a Month for a Bbl?

  • RedWine
  • Texas
  • 1 year ago

I dont know if i can get off for a cosmetic procedure. Is there anything else i can say ? would my doctor help me with documents for verification ?

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I am trying to figure out what I can do here at my job. I am thinking about taking a week of vacation and seeing about taking a leave of absence for a week. I want to tell them I am having surgery but I know they will want me to do FMLA, which would require me to tell them what surgery I am having. I am also going out the country. I dont want to tell them too much of what I am doing, but I want to have enough time off where I can heal because I sit all day at work.
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I know with my company being that I'm having surgery, I called my HR dept. I was told that I would need to give a month notice, and I would only receive 80% of my pay during the time that I'm out. They don't question and can't ask what type of procedure. It's against CO. policy. Dr Perry's @nd hand person told me that it's up to me how long I wanted to be out. She'll then fax over the form's to my HR dept. I asked my HR does it matter ifI'm going out of state to have it done. She said doesn't matter where and what type of procedure. Surgery is Surgery. I felt so relived after that. I 1st have to use 40 hrs of my VAY-K time b4 LOA began. Hope that this help's. Good Luck
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Unpaid time off (or use your vacation time)... The trouble with making it seem like you're not getting a cosmetic procedure is you never know when someone will look into it or find out the truth and you may no longer have a job at all if you do that. If you're getting a legit surgery (in addition to BBL), then you can have a note, otherwise, your doctor (based on the oaths he's taken to be called a doctor) will not write you the note or verify it for you.
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I told my job I ws havin hernia surgery, which requires 4-6 weeks recovery, I put in written request last week nd it's bn approved. Your doctor should be snleto help with written verification. Good luck.
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Oh ok. Thanks I will Try that. (crossing fingers)
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