I Was Just Wondering if You Tip the Technician Who Does Coolsculpting?

  • jcprach
  • Osceola
  • 2 years ago

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Excellent question. At the Baltimore Center for Plastic Surgery, I strongly discourage tipping for medical procedures. Coolsculpting is not analogous to getting your hair or nails done... It's a medical treatment. Most of my colleagues that I know don't allow their staff to accept $ tips. A nice review on RealSelf or Vitals.com or Healthgrades.com, or (if you are REALLY happy with your technician) a small fruit basket or bottle of Prosecco for example would generally be accepted.
I had wondered the same thing yesterday as I went and did coolsculpting. I asked yesterday about the tips. I was told that they already get paid for the procedure but if you want to you can. You would tip what you would want to. I would take in consideration about how well they took care of you. I was treated very well and kept very comfortable so I tip 30.00 for three areas. Hope this helps!!

Hi there, welcome!

I haven't had CoolSculpting myself, but I would assume that tipping comes down the the individual getting the procedure. You pay quite a lot of money for the procedure, so I wouldn't think that they expect tips. The office may also have a policy of not taking tips. You shuld enquire with your provider as to whether they allow tips to be taken first.