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Wondering if I would be a good patient for a Rhinoplasty? (See picture of side profile) THANKS!!

  • SamG7
  • 2 years ago

I I've been an athlete for over 14 years and am currently a collegiate baseball player at the University of San Francisco.  Over the years I had experienced tons of trauma to the bridge of my nose on over 5 or 6 occasions from running into fences to getting kicked in the nose.  I am also concerned about my nose in the future as to how I sleep on it..was wondering if sleeping on my side during the years after my surgery would affect the shape? Thanks a lot for any feedback guys! =]

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Welcome to RealSelf! I'm not a doctor and obviously haven't examined you, but from your photo, yah, it looks like you're a great candidate depending on what you want to have done. If you're serious about getting rhinoplasty, you should make consultation appointments with at least 3 rhinoplasty specialists and get their perspectives on what they can do for you. There's a list of questions to ask your potential surgeons here.

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