Does anyone actually know how much breasts weigh?

  • Missy CT
  • 2 years ago

I have been trying to figure out how much my breast weigh and, therefore, add to my weight and BMI. I have looked on the internet and of course it is full of guess and really bizzare methods of weighing them, apart from getting someone to hold them while you are on the scales, being single this method isnt going to happen soon.  I am getting hung up on the weight issue which is weird coz im happy about my weight really, wobbly tummy and all. Ok id like a bit more of a firmer tummy but thats by the by. I am trying to figure out what my BMI would be is i had normal sized boobs.   So i was wonding if anyone knows how much weight was removed from boobs about 34GG to get down to a 34 C or D or how much their boobs weigh now before or after. It would really help to convince my doctor this is an issue and that my BMI is influence by my chest.   Thanks all