Why Women Are Choosing Adjustable Breast Implants [Video]

  • VVartanian
  • 1 year ago

After breast augmentation, some women suffer from what RealSelf community members have coined as "boob greed", or the feeling that their implants are too small. While others experience "boob regret", which is a worry that their chosen size is too big.   

That said, plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Jeneby offers (and demonstrates) a solution in the below video. Say hello to the adjustable implant -- which allows your physician to painlessly add (or subtract) to your size after your surgery...

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Video Credit: Dr. Thomas Jeneby, MD


Comments (2)

I find this so interesting, it's a great option!!

Even if you know the desired look you want for your breasts, it sometimes difficult to envision what a specific sized implant will look like on you. Great idea!