Woman with world's biggest breasts "obsessed"

  • 3 years ago

Shayla Hershey has 38 KKK breast implants and lets her status as "woman with the world's biggest breasts" define her. Sad story here.

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ok. I admit I want boobs.. but my love for my family is far more important than that.... somewhere along the line, she really believed a lie...............
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WoW I just watched the mist enhanced woman which was Layla, what a beautiful spirit but somehow she still feels the need to put attention on her breasts which is one of the main things woman feel that makes them look aswell as feel sexy etc, I really have my heart out for Layla, I think her past or some one has made her feel unworthy or even boyish in her teens as she clearly is not happy n is putting her lifes devotion into the femininity into her breasts.... Layla u r truly beautiful in everyway but this is not gonna end in smiles but tears from ur loved ones xxx
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That is so sad. It seems like nobody should have operated on her in the first place. If she recovers, I hope she gets the help she obviously needs.

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