Wobbly feeling on pelvic/scar area after Tummy Tuck??

  • NahbyNahby
  • Hialeah, FL
  • 3 years ago

When I softly press one side of my scar, either the left or the right, and release it the other side will move. It’s kind of a wobbly feeling and it’s visible to the eye to. I was wondering has this happened to anyone.  Could some of the sutures be broken? I’m three weeks post-op btw.

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Thank you. Yes, it is a seroma. I called my doctor and he had me go to take the fluid out.
It sounds like a seroma or a pocket of blood/ fluid and it's caused by the cavity created between your muscle layer and skin layer. I'm 4 weeks post TT and have two of these and it feels just like a water bed as Kimmers said. I called my surgeon about mine and was told that as long as they aren't causing any pain, aren't hot or red then I should give my body time to re-absorb it. I am in the UK so your surgeons in the US may have a different approach, but the thinking here is that to aspirate the fluid (usually several times) puts you at risk of infection.
I hope it improves for you (and me) soon!

Does your abdomen have the feel like a water bed?