White Unpoppable Bumps on Shoulder Blades for Years, Minocycline Didn't Help, Other Options?

  • geo12x
  • Hollywood, FL
  • 2 years ago

Hey im now 21 year old male.... i have these white bumps on my shoulder are and sometimes in middle of my back when they breakout but thats once in a while. I have seen a determoglist and he gave me a script for Minoclyine i believe and triycoline pills which diddnt work. These bumps are unpopable and bother cause htere all voer and ugly to the skin. I had these for about about 7-8 years as i can reamber and just dont know what there from or what there called period. Can Someone Please help me.

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I would like to know also because I have the same friggin things on mine, I am 28 and have had them since OMG as long as I can remember seems like, prob since the 4th or 5th grade when I started getting reg. acne but these are different and have been there for like 20 years, seems like they shrink in size during the summer if I am in the sun a lot... I went to a dermo. back in highschool and she just gave me some kinda cream or pills and that was it, never helped and I never went back.
really? i mean it kinda faded but sitl there over the years!

Yeah, I'd go get a second opinion for a dermatologist. That way you will know what it is and what you can do about it. :)


Ok thanks I will try my best


If you do, would love to have you share what you found out so others with a similar condition would have some information to go off of.

Best of luck!!


Hey there,

Of course I'm not a doctor, but it looks to me like cystic acne.

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