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While sleeping with makeup is there any damage for skin?

  • keertana999
  • 1 year ago

I have a tendency to sleep with my makeup on. This is because by the time I get home it is late night and I am dead tired. Most days I don’t have the energy to remove the makeup.  So far my nothing has happened to my skin but will this damage my skin in the long run?

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You should definitely try hard enough to make time for it! It is essential to having nice looking and healthy skin for years and it really can take a minute of your day!You should pick something from the variety of products and stick to it like the Bourjois, Body Empire or the very famous Bioderma! xx
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During the day, your skin accumulates dirt and debris, which combines with the skin's oils as well as your makeup to clog pores and create an environment ideal for breakouts and blackheads. For clear, healthy looking skin you should always cleanse before bed. To be proactive in keeping skin looking great, it's also a good time to apply antiaging serums and creams.
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I've once watched on the news a girl that never took off her makeup. Apparently the age of her skin was older than her actual age if you know what I mean.
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I think the issue is that it can clog your pores, and give you breakouts. I'm not aware of any other problems associated with it, but maybe some other community members can share their thoughts.

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