When are they sending my aligners to Dr. Carole Sharrod I have been waiting for 8 weeks and counting.

  • khoward
  • 10 months ago

I wanted Invisalign but my Dentist suggested CC and I said I was willing to try. I am not sure now I have been waiting since Oct. 7, 2013. I will posting to Ripoff.com very soon. I probably should have went there first instead of saying yes to CC on my dentist recommendation.

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Hi khoward, I wanted to let you know your package has shipped from our facilities and will be delivered to your doctor’s office tomorrow. I have sent you a private message with the tracking information.
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Hi khoward, Thanks for reaching out to us. I will be sure to send you tracking information as soon as it’s available, which I anticipate will be a bit later today. We’ll be in touch soon.
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I'm sorry that you're going through this frustrating experience.  I know it's expected to wait up to 6 weeks for Invisalign aligners to come in, but I don't know what the usual wait time is for Clear Correct.  You may wish to send a private message to ClearCorrectStaff.  They tend to take an active interest in Clear Correct patients here on RealSelf.  I don't know how much power they have over an individual set of trays, but they may be able to help. :)

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