when does the expander pain stop?. after the switch-out?

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  • 2 years ago

thank You for all the info.. I had my bi-lateral 8/15/2012...on oct 11-2012 I had expanders put in.. they are tight and sore.. and the Right one is bigger and more to my right arm... preventing me from lifting well..reading all these comments  help me to know I am not alone and alot of this is to be expected....I had 250 cc during surgery and only 50 last week. I go back in wed..I know I can't wait until the ";switch -out"..my surgeon said they have to sit for 8 weeks to maintain the stretching of the chest muscle and skin..ouch!!!  I think the muscle relaxers help a little. but dang this hurts and feels like it is moving...

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It does seem most of the ladies say that the pain goes away after the switch. Hopefully several of them will jump on here and share their exact thoughts with you. Until then I think you might find this review helpful:

Breast Expanders - High Point, NC

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I had a bilateral mastectomy on 11/12/12, with expanders put in immediately. They are irritating and uncomfortable, like plastic plates are trying to escape from my sides. However, after 5-6 weeks, the irritation really lessens. Physical therapy is a must, and really helps alleviate the discomfort. I've been told that the implants will feel much better, because they are smaller. The goal of the expanders is to make a nice, somewhat larger, cavity for the implants to rest naturally in. It takes months for this cavity to form and be ready for the implants. Good luck! It will all work out!
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Also, heat and gentle massage help a lot!
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