When support becomes interference

  • Matilda24
  • Yorkshire, N.England
  • 1 year ago

It's been a few months now since i joined Real Self and, though i haven't really moved an inch as far as my own journey goes, i've read enough reviews and questions that i know it's asking for trouble if you're cutting corners with rhinoplasty; meaning to say if you're going to any random surgeon just cos he's offered you a good deal or he did a great job on your cousin's breasts.  But what about people who have joined RS with their surgery already booked with a surgeon who isn't a rhinoplasty specialist? It's happened a few times just since i've been here, someone is really excited about their surgery and then i've seen their surgeon does tummy tucks here and there or has lots of really bad reviews, then these people have bad results after going through with their rhinoplasty. I've stopped checking out people's surgeons now, purely cos i want to leave them a comment saying NO! DON'T GO WITH HIM, HE'S NOT A RHINO SPECIALIST! I guess it all boils down to whether you want to be a part of the cure or the disease. I haven't said anything to people with a bad or inappropriate surgeon cos i haven't wanted to upset anybody or delay their surgery while they found a different surgeon, but is this right? Would people appreciate someone telling them they have booked a bad surgeon, and would they listen?  What do you guys and girls think? When does support become interference? Where is the line you do not cross when leaving somebody a comment?

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I had someone warn me about my surgeon via PM. I really appreciated the info, as it allowed me to go ahead and look for data and reviews on him in new places. But, it did not deter me from having the surgery, so I think people are just going to do what they're going to do. They may appreciate the advice; that's why they're on here! Anyhow, I think it's a big deal to get an experienced doc. Mine had some crap reviews, but I understood that one lady unwrapped her bandages early before having a lot of complications. He had like 44 years of experience, so I ultimately determined that he was bound to ave 1-2 negative posts about him and it didn't matter. I was prepared to not get the surgery when I met him, but he was so good and comfortable and really has some great artwork with nice lines, which I hoped he could put on my face! It's okay to tell people, but there is a good way to do it, definitely!
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It really depends. If they are asking about a doctor, then provide information. All of this is so subjective and not everyone will have the same experience, even with the same doctor and procedure.
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I have been wondering this myself. Should you warn someone if someone else here had a bad experience with the same doctor? Or is that not really fairl to the doctor!
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