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When can I start shopping for clothes?! How do I know how swollen I am??

  • Calif Mom
  • 2 years ago

I can't tell if/ how much I am swollen, other than some shorts don't fit very well. But since I'm still wearing compression garments I'm wondering if their bulk is taking up all the room???   I know I sound stupid not knowing if I'm swollen or not!!! My stomach is so flat but there may be swelling in my lower back where I had lipo. Ive pulled out the tape measure and have been comparing my measurements day and night to see if there's a difference after being on my feet or working all day but I don't see my measurements really change around my waist or hips.   Any words of wisdom on swelling? I'm so anxious to buy some new clothes but don't want to waste $$ if I'm going to "lose" more inches when swelling goes down. 

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I wish I had the answer to this. I have the same question. I feel so fat from the swelling! I am kind of figuring on the three month mark for the swelling to come under control. I'm staying away from scales and tape measurers for a while.
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I guess I'll have to buy some shoes and purses then! ;-) I can't figure out the swelling. I remember the day after surgery seeing the PS and being amazed at how small my stomach was. It's flat now but not as small, hard to explain but I am assuming I'm still swollen and that's why it looks different. I have tried measuring in morning and at night to see if I am more swollen after working all day but I don't see a difference there so I guess it's more gradual....? How long ago did you have your surgery?
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I had my surgery 6 weeks ago today.
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