When looking to have a revision rhinoplasty what credentials should I look for in a doctor?

  • jrchica0301
  • 1 year ago

I have noticed doctors being certified by different boards. Also, will a septorhinoplasty change my nose? I had deviated septum surgery with some correction to my caudal septum because it was sticking out into my left nostril. I noticed that my doctor pushed the tip of my nose and I'm not sure why but I am not happy with it at all. Also my caaudal septum deflection is still sticking out. I want my nose to be balance but I want to maintain my overall shape and features.....what should I look for in doctor and what should I expect to hear to correct this?

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Thanks for your post! Here's what some doctors say about finding a great revision rhinoplasty surgeon. I'm sorry your first procedure didn't give you what you wanted. (I'm a revision rhino been-there-done-that so I totally understand how you feel).

Please keep us posted on who you choose and your process in general! I know this can be a tough journey.

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