When can I play golf?

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  • 2 years ago

I'm an avid golfer and my PS (who isn't) said I could probably start after six weeks but I have heard from others it will be much longer. Any gofers who could let me know their experience?

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Great question. I started golfing 3 years ago. Really enjoy and look forward to how my new form will improve my game.
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Follow up.........I played ine holes at 8 weeks and it felt great! No soreness or swelling at all. Took. Swing or two at 6-7 weeks and it still felt a little too soon. For me, 8 weeks was perfect!
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My surgery was on 3/15. I played my first 9 this past weekend and won! My game is better than ever...especially now that I can see the ball!!!
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My surgeon said I can do anything I want as long as I am not in pain. I am also working out with a trainer and find that it's helping with the healing as well.
That is great to know and gives me hope!!
Congrats on a good round. I'm anxious to see how my swing changes :)
Follow up.....I Nita couple balls at six weeks and feel too tight to really play. Went out at eight weeks and felt great! Played nine with absolutely no problem or soreness.
I'm not a golfer so I don't know exactly what is involved, but I would trust my PS. We have had discussions around here about how there are some women (some who run or are strong presences in internet communities) who will claim you shouldn't even do simple things like vacuum for three to six months, but the simple fact is virtually all plastic surgeons disagree with that stance.

Perhaps you could ask the question in the Q&A section and get the opinions all the surgeons who answer questions around here :)
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