what should i do??

  • fingerscrossed27
  • Portugal
  • 2 years ago

hi everybody i have two keloids on both my earlobes and i ve had them for 3 years and i am ready to get rid of them me and my mum have tried everything: -a diet based only on vegetables, fruit, water, and some grains- wich didnt go so well for me since im only 14 years old, and going to school wile beeing on a diet isnt very easy :D -asprin paste on the keloids -iodine -tee tree oil -a mix of baking soda and hydrogin peroxide -flax seed paste... and ive viseted a private doctor... and this blog and all of you inspired me to do it the string way!!!! so two days ago my mum tied the string and it was painfull :O !!!!! as i was expecting but i had painkilleres and they soon kicked in :)... a day later it was swolen and black.. is that normal?? ive been puting iodine to keep it desinfected and it seeams ok... its the third day and its really painfull hopefully it will fall of soon... Am i doing the right thing??? if you have and advice please tell me :) thx  Xx