what should I do?

  • Patty Tomlinson
  • 2 years ago

I had the permanent eyeliner procedure a week ago. one eye looks okay. the other one has a shorter line and it isn't solid. it has spaces. should they do it over or do I need to have it redone. It wasn't fun to have to wear vaseline all week. I wear glasses and had to go with out them most the time. hate to have to do it again. and the cost too. should i have to pay for it again?

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You should have paid for a multi session visit. Eyeliner is impossible to do with saturated color and design in one session. I am sure your PMU Tech priced your visit on a first appointment and then a follow-up "perfection visit" 4-6 weeks later. You should call her and tell her the trouble you are having with the design. Any reputable PMU tech will stand by their work, and really want you to be happy!
I have tried to contact her. She is not scheduled to work for awhile. I left a message. Hope I will hear from her soon.

Have you talked to the person who did it for you? I would definitely let them know what is going on and ask them what they think should be done. At least that way you would know their thoughts on it.