West Palm Beach tear trough filler doctor recommendations

  • 5 years ago

I am looking for a well experienced Oculoplastic surgeon or Plastic surgeon in the West Palm Beach Florida area in tear trough filler surgery.

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thanks to a walk for the recommendation.
Hi Elaine I had this procedure and was very happy..I think it's important to see a plastic surgeon who is known for doing great work with eyes...It's a tricky procedure they should be going all the way to the bone from what I understand...Also it may require a touch up to get even results...So it's better to go light and expect a second visit....Something to keep in mind when discussing cost,,, as in buying 2+ syringes and having one on standby for the touchup...Many charge less for 2nd syringe so even if you use a 4th of the second you have the rest for touchup.......Be clear about the area you are unhappy with and take a pic of yourself when it didn't bother you...Some go across other go up it can change the look of your cheek so be on the same page with angle ect study an old pic.... Also I can't be sure but worth mentioning as I heard another complain,,, I think this can change the texture mild like slightly dryer in the area I had injected..But went back ....I would consider my skin thick but have heard others with thin skin not as happy Maybe juvederm would be better or juvy over resty if you have thinner skin,,,, not sure anyway it wasn't major and still worth it...It does last a long time in this area with a touchup mine lasted for 2+ years...Make sure you do everything to minimize bruising ice prior to injection for vasoconstriction ect...This area bruises easily and can be a bummer as it can last a week or longer if it happens...So hope for the best and prepare for the worst I wouldn't do a few weeks before a big event and have some good concealer,,just in case..Better informed than surprised..LOL All in all I was very very happy.. best wishes