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I have been trying to encourage as many women as possible to go bigger while they still can! I figured it would be fun to start a discussion on the topic. I am the first one to check in! I have a 36C/D but SO wish I went bigger. I call them my undercover boobs because they are so easy to cover up! :) Have a boobalicious day!

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Omg! I soooo wish I would have gone bigger! I am 5'6, 155 lbs , athletic build. I had 550 cc silicone implants behind muscle with a lollipop lift. They turned out very good, my ps did outstanding job. I was very pleased, but as swelling has gone down my girls seem to have schrunk. I wear a 36c which sucks considering my implant size. I just really wanted a big boob effect..lol! When I take a picture of myself...they appear larger than in real life. When I'm dressed with bra and look in mirror. I look just like I did with my a bra with the 2xs padding.
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I was having those thoughts of wishing I had gone bigger. Just two day ago while I was trying on clothes. But with my frame 5'4" with implants 99 lbs maybe the 300cc I got were the most natural choice. I thought they were huge at first but I guess the swelling has gone down and I have gotten use to them. Undercover boobs are right. I am a barber and cut mostly men and I do not think anyone has notice. And I have some customers that would say something. But that is what I told my ps ( I want natural and do not want that to be the first thing you notice) so he gave me what I ask for. I wish I would had found RealSelf before I had my surgery.
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Hello! A month ago I have 255cc anatomical unders. I am 5'2", 105 lbs. I love the "undercover boobs" reference! It refers to mine, definitely!
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I am 5'6, 143.8lbs, muscular frame I got 380CC saline under the muscle and I regret the size. I should have went to a 450 CC. I do wear a 34D bra now as opposed to a negative A before the augmentation. I feel like I am too small in sports bras.
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Soo I haven't had my ba yet so technically I shouldn't even be commenting here lol but I'm so indecisive about size right now thought it might be worth dropping a post here and see what you ladies have to say! So stats: currently 34A,5ft 10,slim,62kg..and keep changing my mind between a C cup, Full C/small D or asking for a D cup. I've been recommended 310cc under teardrops to take me to a D cup but now stressing D might be too large for me. I get that a lot of girls say they wish they had gone bigger and that its not very noticeable in clothes but what my dilema is is that I would like to have a nice natural cleavage, side boob, etc out of clothes and be happy with the size naked BUT as I like to wear fitted clothes how do I know that the nice look i want out of clothes wont translate into looking too big IN clothes. Also, I'd like to wear a bikini and have nice cleavage w/o having the 'it is so obvious i just got a boob job' look. ahh, so confusing lol how do i balance all these factors out!? this decision is stressing me :/ x
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I'm not sure if you already had your surgery but in my opinion I would go with the slightly larger size. Trying on implants before the surgery can be a bit deceiving of what the size will actually turn out to be. I had my surgery almost a year ago and I went 310cc under the muscle and I SO wish I went a bit bigger... To the point I am actually reconsidering getting them done again. I'm also thin and was a 34A before and I too didn't want anything too being or fake looking. Now that I have had them for a year and see the actual result I really really wish I had gone bigger. Again, it is all what you are comfortable with but I was in the same situation before my surgery and chose to stay at 310cc and I wish I chose a bit larger. Hope that helps! All the best to you!
Hi Natalia, no I havent had the surgery yet, have decided to do a bit more research and also looking to have consultations elsewhere aswell. Can I ask what cup size you are now measuring after havin 310cc and is it the cup size u were told it would be? X
I am a 34C now. It depends on where I buy my bras. However, the first couple of months I was a D cup. As it has been over a year now and everything is fully healed and settled I fit a 34C perfectly. Glad you are getting different consultations. It always helps to have a second opinion on sizing. I actually just went in for a consultation for my 2nd BA revision. I explained what I am looking for (literally just a bit more fullness) and I am kicking myself I didn't go through with a slightly larger size the first time around because I didn't pay all that money to be unhappy with the result. I am very excited to get them redone! So again, if it's not a huge difference in the implant size then I wouldn't stress out about choosing the larger one! I guarantee you won't regret it! Best of luck. Keep us posted:)
I'll chime in. I'm 47, slim & 5'11, AA pre-op to a D post. I went with 550s bcz my PS told me I didn't have enough tissue to support bigger; but that I could bigger as my skin stretched out. They looked very big when I was swollen post-op and I loved them, but also look excellent now. But as many here have said, I TOO am considering going larger now that I'm 8+ months post op. IMHO - For a small/ moderate breasted woman, it's better to be bigger as you'll fall in love with them post op only to have that burning hot flame of passion die down a bit when your swelling goes down. I'm talking w/my PS presently to research my options for going bigger.
hey, just wondered if you've had your op yet? One surgeon said for me to go between 285-305cc (i thought the 285 was big in the sizer!!) and another said 345!! so i haven't got a clue! i'm 5'5 and about 53kgs...currently a 34aa :( It's so hard to know from looking at other peoples because the same size in two different people can look sooo different!
hey your paying so much money either go big or go home I went slightly under my max and I don't regret it .I am 5'6 and 130lbs and I was a small 34 A/B before, and I got 550ccs and im excited to see them today .I will go in and get the ace bandages removed. they will be fun to play with lol. and I will look great in clothes and my bathing suit . im not paying for breast to be a small C sorry .
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I got 415cc hp silicone gel, I'm 5'6 and 106 lbs, I love them in a padded bra, but without they don't look as big! I wish I went with 465cc but my consultant said it was getting to big and implant would end up in my armpit, however when u spend 8k u want to be 100% happy !!! Grateful because I had nothing before !!! But I think even if I got 465 would I wish I got 500 lol?? I dunno I'm happy ! To big will only cause long term problems !
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I had my BA 6 weeks ago and wish I would have gone bigger!! I have 435cc (sientra textured round silicone) and my PS suggested 485's for me. They felt and looked too large when I tried on the samples...so I opted for 435's. I should have listened to him and went with the 485's. My boobs look exactly like they did prior to having kids (that natural too!)....so they don't feel "new." I am hoping I will be able to dress them up nicely in bras and bathing suits, that if I still want bigger, I can get bigger down the road. I hope I adjust to this size and will be happy though after everything settles in over these next few months.
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I have the Sientra 485 textured round implants and should've gone bigger. I'm 6'0 &165#' s. However I look totally natural and have had no problems so I really shouldn't complain.
I have 550 HP and weigh about 190lbs. I originally wanted 600-650 and my PS talked me out of it. I'm 7 weeks post op and disappointed. They are not as big as I thought they would be. I don't think they have fully dropped yet, and I'm hoping that they "fluff" in the months to follow.
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Sorry, but plastic monster boobs on a small frame look ridiculous. The breasts look cartoonishly big- which is fine if you're going for the barbie fake tits look. Big boobs on a slim frame- unless you're strutting around semi clad with the girls popping out 24/7, make a person look matronly, top heavy and fat. Instead, I would encourage people to respect how God built you, and aim for a natural set that is in proportion to the rest of your body- whether that be a B cup, c cup, D cup or beyond.
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I wouldn't mind being Barbie. To each his own sister. Beauty is in the eye of the boob-holder.
I like your comment :)
LOL!!!! That is too funny. I love your comment.
Good-o. I guess all you need is plastic tits and an eating disorder so looks like you're halfway there. To each his own sister indeed.
Why are you here titsianabooberelli if you're going to judge and stereotype on people & situations you have zero frame of reference to justify doing so? And BTW - if you really want to go there, if we are to truly, "respect how God built (us)" then why get implants at all?
I was in the same position but I do think you have to take long term health and appearance into account. I had 275 cc with my first BA and right away knew it was to small. I waited almost 10 years and switched them out yesterday to a 435 cc HP silicone. I am in love with them! I could have gone up to the 500 cc but my ps said there is increased risk of problems and as much as 22% will need revision in 3 years if implant is too big for the body. I had to take a hard look at why I wanted bigger and what the trade off was. I have 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls) and though large boobs seemed great I am trying to promote positive body image and I didn't want to embarrass my 14 year old son when his friends are over swimming! I also work in a male dominated profession and even though its 2014 boobs and lipstick still get notice and somehow they seem you're not as competent. Lastly I do not want any SAGGY boobs! Which is a risk for higher implants! I can't tell you how many sleepless nights I had going back and forth! In the end I love the 435's and am relieved I didn't cave to booby greed. AS the ps said to me-unhappy with too small is much easier to live with then unhappy with too big. Smart man!
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Boy, I couldn't agree more. Thank you for posting this. I was so disappointed last month wishing I would've gone bigger until I started developing small stretch marks, and all I could think was, 'what if I would've gone bigger', I'd really have stretch marks! Everyone that knows I had mine done have said I chose the perfect size for my body, and when I look at what I had to start with, I know I made the right decision!!!!!
I think anyone who wishes they went bigger needs to live with them for awhile. I played up my smaller ones with bras for 10 years. When i did go bigger i was 10 years older and hopefully a little wiser. Booby greed is real but i think it needs to be balanced with good judgement!
I went with saline- 450cc and 475cc and I love the size, do wish I would have went a tad bit bigger maybe 500 and 525. My doctor did tell me that almost everyone wishes that they would have went bigger.
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