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Weight Loss POST tummy tuck

  • helenes transformation
  • Baltimore, MD
  • 3 years ago

How many of you have lost more than 30 lbs after a Tummy Tuck? and has it affected the skin at all? I am close to goal weight but I very curious just in case!

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I did have the surgery and it did help. After my second child my stomach was not the same so i decided to have the surgery. I do wish I had more information before the surgery because I did have some complications. My advice is to get as much info as possible before the tuck.
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Hi saw your post. Did you find some tips and tricks to use for weight loss after tummy tuck.
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thanks, my weight is pretty stable. only issue is that I compete in bodybuilding shows and you have to gain weight to add muscle then cut weight to get on stage over and over. It's a cycle... so I am hoping I will not hurt my new belly. We shall see!

You only gain about 10 lbs and take 10 off over and over... maybe 15.

thanks I love this board!
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You might want to check out these doctor answers about losing 30 pounds after a tummy tuck. Lots of great guidance here! Hope this helps.

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