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Where does weight go after liposuction of thighs and love handles?

  • mido
  • jordan
  • 4 years ago

am 24 years, 59kg weight, 164cm length, i had lipo for outer thigh and lovehandle the total removed quantity is 1225cc, 850cc from thighs and 400cc from lovehandle, is this amount enough?? where can fat store after i remove the fat cell from thigh? is it possible to go to upper area?? what is your advice thanks

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Still, you should maintain it with diet and exercise.
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Easy for a guy to say.....
If you keep your weight under control it doesn't go anywhere.
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It sure feels to me like the weight gain moves up...get your thighs done weight goes to your hips...get your hips done the weight goes to your waist...waist done, well it would be nice if the weight went to your breasts but it seems it goes to your face!
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That is funny as heck what your wrote. But it is so true. Beleive it!
ha, ha, haaaaaaaa! so true!
There is no evidence that the body has the ability to "know" how much fat is stored in each location. Once fat is removed from the "problem areas", you will keep the new fat distribution from then on. As you gain or lose weight, the fat cells get larger or smaller, but you do not change the number of fat cells. So, you will keep your new proportions whether you gain or lose weight. Sometimes patients feel that they are gaining weight in new places, but in reality, it only seems that way since they are no longer gaining an excess of weight in what used to be the "problem" areas.
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I am wondering if my body will react to the fat being gone as a sign that it needs to be replaced. In other words, if my body was storing fat in my love handle ab area, which is now gone, will it try to replenish the fat supply somewhere else on my body so it will have the same amount as before?

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