Weightlifting after breast implants

  • fitchick10
  • LA
  • 4 years ago

I am four weeks post op from a breast augmentation and today i weight lifted for the first time and now one breast is swelling back up. Is something wrong?

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I'm 9 days post op after have breast implants in the dual plane position. I'm desperately itching to get back in the gym and recommence my usual training routine. As long as I avoid chest exercises or overhead exercises would I be ok lifting light weights? I was thinking it would be ok to do some lower body exercises and some arm exercises such as bicep curls? Also how soon before I can practice yoga again? Thanks


How soon can you lift weights after breast implants (under muscle)? I am 9 weeks post op and am really wanting to get back into my classes I take at the gym. Just wondering when I can to weights/kickboxing/cardio.