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Weight gain after a tummy tuck, no lipo.

  • Jamby
  • portland, or
  • 2 years ago

Hello.  I am unsure if to do lipo with my tummy tuck due to my concern about weight gain in other areas of my body besides the waist/back where lipo would be done & in the tummy tuck area.  For you ladies who have had a tummy tuck with lipo done some time ago, have you noticed weight gain in other areas of you body?  Thanks for your input.

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I have not had a tummy tuck yet but have the same concerns as you. I asked the same question on another board with members that were active up to three years. For the most part there were always women complaining about weight gain after a tuck, but when I look at the before pictures they often showed women with fatty bellies, arms, thighs etc. It was also not unusual for these women to have weight gain swings of 15 lbs or more.
Adipose or fat is highly reactive so to lop it off as so much waste in my opinion is scary? So what I am doing to prepare for this surgery is a lifestyle change. I am lifting weights to gain more muscle mass, decrease my body fat percentages, so that there is only skin or mostly skin being removed. Fitness models and body builders get tummy tucks all the time. Just my 2...Oh and I also changed my diet. You can get good results without lipo, but you have to hit the gym before surgery...if you have fat pockets.
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