Weight and Proportions

  • JJ and the DDDs
  • MN, USA
  • 2 years ago

Hi...I'm JJ and new here.  My PS consult is on July 20.  I was referred for the consult by my family med physician, without my prompting.    I am a 38DDD, though I suspect I probably need a size bigger.  I'm not a skinny gal by any means.  5' 6" and 175-180 lbs.  I'm actually very well proportioned, though.  Anytime I mention reduction, I get the "you're not THAT big" response.  Well, except from my mom and the couple of friends who've had the surgery already.  For me, I am hoping to lose the everyday headaches, the sore shoulders, the indents all around my ribcage, and the back spasms.  But...because I'm a bigger girl (size 14), I am worried that smaller breasts will make me look disproportionate.  I don't want to look weird.  I do, however, want to have an easier time being active, which should help the weight.  Anyone else have these thoughts going into the process??  Is it even a valid concern?  All I know is big boobs.  I can't really imagine what I'll be like without. Thx, JJ