just over 4 weeks to go

  • tum69
  • Scotland, UK
  • 2 years ago

In fact 8th October so one month tomorrow. Excited and worried. Trying to sort out insurance. Button front nightie arrived today - very granny-ish - not the hot babe look I aspire to one day.... or may be not. Just not flabby. All the stories and chat here are proving really useful. Just want a good result and good recovery. I read all the drains, pains and stains stories and know I have it all to look forward to. Keeping fit, trying to eat well, taking the vitamins, and trying get stuff pulled together. Bought Hibi Scrub the other day - advised to wash the day before and on the day by another poster - helps reduce risk of infection. My surgeon is supposed to do excellent stitching (a good seamstress as one person said) - God I hope so... don't want to feel worse about how I look. Good luck everybody!