6 weeks

  • Rlong47
  • 2 years ago

I am scheduled for TT next week. The 17 of November. I have a major program to direct on December 7 and then I leave for a trip to India on Jan 1. My doc assured me that barring unusual complication I would be able to make the 23 hour journey at 6 weeks post op. Nervous and don't know how to plan.

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Take  it super easy the first 4-6 weeks and totally follow your doctors instructions.  At six weeks post op you will be feeling pretty good.  Your energy seems to come back by that point.  You will still be sore and swollen but it should be fine to travel.  Listen to your body and rest as needed for a while.  You do not want to hit a wall and crash.  The more you fight recovery the longer it takes.  

Many women are so anxious to get their normal life back quickly that they push it.  That does not work so well!  Swelling is the worst side effect after surgery so be prepared for that.  Everyone is different and some have it worse than others so just keep a positive attitude.