5 weeks since having vaser hi def and no results

  • 3668anon
  • USA
  • 4 years ago

I Had VAHDL (vaser hi def) on my chest abdomen and flanks five weeks ago. Whilst i have "lines" i still look as if i have the same amount of body fat as i did before the procedure, Being at 5 weeks i assume the results are pretty much what i have... As you can see by the photo there is still significant body fat on my lower abdomen and the results do not look natural at all! any advice would be appreciated

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well 18 days post op getting better every day a couple of more weeks of my garments you do get used to them also i had week of intense ultrasound and lymphatic drain massage twice a day at clinic very important for recovery had my drains removed after 6 days also when i got home i booked in at a clinic for 6 lymphatic drain massage 1 per week just help the healing process i will post some pics
hi just has vaser hi def 5 days ago recovery going well still have swelling i am attending clinic twice a day for 7 days forlymphatic massage very important for your r ecovery i was operated on by dr holyes the inventor of vaser hi def i see good improvements already any questions please ask email alan_snaps1@btinternet.com had my op on 8/12/12 so very recent
Hi 3668anon. It has been more than a year after your post in this forum. Can we know whether the appearance of your VAHDL improved after some time? Did you see the surgeon again for a revision surgery? What did the surgeon commented about your situation? I just had VAHDL done on chest, upper and lower abdomen and flanks 2 days ago. I can see immediate improvements everywhere except the lower abdomen which looks the same. I was wondering whether it is just swelling which will resolve with time, or is it my surgeon did not remove enough fat from the lower abdomen.
i am currently researching this treatment for myself. The doctor I spoke with yesterday and the general feedback is it can take up to 6-9 months for the excess fluid, fat cells and swelling to reduce and see the real end results. Wearing the compression garment religiously for weeks after is also key to final results apparently.
Lots of people especially in the states very strongly recommend a course of lymphatic drainage massage as this helps your body to shift and expel the excess fluids and get the best final finish - some people say start immediately some people say its too painful and give it 4-5 wks. Hope this helps
wow. I just had mine done today. Hips abs and flanks. Your results really worry me. Looks like only the grooves were taken out for you.