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3 weeks post upper/lower abdomen, love handles and inner thigh lipo...ok to exercise?

  • qbini
  • 1 year ago

Hi there, I know I should consult my doctor on this (and I did send him an email a few days ago w/o a reply) but I'm just a bit confused because I've seen some doctors on this forum (and other forums) say that exercise is ok days after lipo and other doctors recommend waiting 4-6 weeks. I don't want to do anything that will mess up the lipo or make my recovery time slower but I'm dying to get some good old exercise endorphins  coursing through my body again! I was VERY active pre-lipo... So I had my upper/lower abdomen, love handles and inner thigh lipo 3 weeks ago. Not gonna hurt like a b*tch at first but it feels sooooo much better now. I don't have any bruising anymore and my incisions are closed up. I know reformer pilates and yoga are not advised until 6 wks out due to the twisting etc but what about spin class? Or zumba? Or even squats, lunges and upper body weight training?  And I HATE the compression I have to wear it 24/7? Thank you! :)