7 weeks post op..breasts seem bigger then a couple weeks ago!?

  • danny515
  • NYC
  • 1 year ago

Ive hit a weird place, at 4 weeks post op i was feeling good, but since then ive noticed that my breasts have gained volume and i dont think its my imagination.  Ive noticed that they have gradually started to "drop" but they really havent gotten any smaller since my surgery.  Im also confused because I am still fitting into my old bras.  Although when I was trying on new bras a couple weeks ago, i was fitting into B/C cups.  Now im just afraid to try on new bras since ive been feeling bigger.  Im also noticing that alot of the volume is out to the sides, so if I was to wear something with out a bra, I have alot of "side boob"...Its just so frustrating when you dont know what the heck is going on!  I noticed that alot of woman seem to have this issue  after their sugery, they fit into their old bras and seem to be a D cup even tho they were very specific about being a B or a C cup