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8 - 9 weeks post op tummy tuck pain

  • angelchoc
  • Scotland
  • 1 year ago

Im 9 weeks post op and Iv had an easy time of it up till now but the last couple of weeks Iv started getting pain around my belly button and abdominal area. Sometimes I need to take pain killers. The scar itself is fine and Im in good health so I wonder what is wrong. I have been going on my exercise bike for 20 mins 4 days a week and walking for 20 mins about 3 times a week so Im not sure if Im doing too much. Its not giving me pain while exercising although the pain has been enough to stop me from exercising the last couple of days and start wearing my compression garment again. I never resumed exercising till the 6 week mark as recommended by the doc and Iv worn the compression garment 6 weeks then switched to a firm body shaper. The pain is most apparent when getting in and out of bed. Any ideas? Anyone have similar experience? Im just worried in case iv overdone it and damaged myself

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Your body is going to take weeks/months to totally heal.  Be very cautious with the exercise and go slow.  I did not go back to any ab work until 6 months post op.  And when I did it hurt like crazy.   They did some major repair inside of you!  

But always get in and see the doctor and get checked out.  Give the office a call and tell them what you are experiencing.  They will let you know if you need to be seen.  Always listen to your body and trust your instincts.

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Hey there...I will be eight weeks post op this week. I have been walking for exercise foe several weeks now although I have had spasms and aches all along. My doc said it was normal to have spasms and soreness out to three months or so. But if you were okay and suddenly have new pain you may want to get checked out!
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