2 weeks post-op and @ first I thought I was too small, now I think I'm too big

  • Kelly2410
  • Sioux City
  • 3 years ago

I'm so glad to read of so many other breast reduction sisters out there. So here's my dilema... When they first upwrapped me, I felt so small! Thought I was a B or a C, which is fine. I went to VS today, turns out I'm a D! Now I'm feeling huge all over again. I was a G! Anyone else have this?

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How are you now after so much time. You look great!!!

How do your breasts FEEL? They don't look gigantic. From your photo, you look well proportioned. I hope you're able to settle into them and feel at peace with your D cup (which, remember, is just a letter. All that matters is what you think of them.)