8 weeks post op & I started to leak???

  • celu49
  • quakertown, pa
  • 2 years ago

I had smart lipo on my flanks & abdomen. I am very pleased with my results. I was very patient with my body & was allowing it to reduce in swelling without panicking about the uneveness. My left side seemed to not want to reduce.  Then on week 8 post op, I woke up to my abdomen being puffy & hard and both flanks looked fully unswollen.  Has this ever happened to anyone else?   My theory is that the swelling (and whatever remaining fluid) shifted which caused the belly button port to essentially reopen. So now I have a leaky faucet for a belly button. If I push, sometimes fluid comes out, sometimes it doesn't. It's mostly clear, slightly pink & thin. I don't think it's an infection- I'd expect it too look milky or have a foul smell, but clearly can be wrong on this.  If I stick some toilet paper in my belly button it won't get saturated & prevents me from having a wet spot on my shirt. I have 2 kids & none of there weight from carrying them has caused this leak to become a full open spicot. I'm very confused by this. I am happy the fluid is getting out but also didn't realize there was a possibility for more leaking. I thought the leaking was done with 2 months ago. I leaked for a few days after surgery but then was fine. My abdomen is not red and every day I have seen a reduction in the swelling & leaking. It's Tuesday & I started leaking of course on a Friday night. I was going to call ps on Monday but had a critial dr appt for dd. Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful.