3 weeks post op!!! I am feeling and looking GREAT!! WHY DID I WAIT??????

  • huntingwidow
  • 2 years ago

Oh my  Why did I wait?  and why did I not blog about the whole experience?  I dont have much time to tell you everything but I will soon!  I had an awesome experience - thanks to my hubby, Dr Steve Byrd and his awesome staff.  Also to my little sister that is just wonderful and sweet and turned out to be a pretty good nurse though I didnt know she had it in her!     Tomorrow is 3 weeks post op.  I am going and blowing - though taking it slowly.   I did make it to Vegas and the Eagles concert 1 week post op  and was able to celebrate our 22nd anniversary. And made it through Thanksgiving fine - though I ate too much!!!   In short -  work out, take some good supplements and vitamins for a good bit before surgery (I was already taking some but my surgeon actually sent a good set home to start pre surgery and use for several weeks), get help and stay as relaxed as possible first 5 days post op!      I am so excited and wish I'd done this a while back!  Good luck to those coming up soon and look for a more detailed version!