3 weeks post op blues

  • smashums
  • 2 years ago

I had a breast reduction almost 3 weeks ago and initially I was thrilled. I went from a E to small, perky C. The problem is that I was hoping at this point to be getting back to normal and when I saw my PS the other day and he took off the tape on both breasts the apex has opened slightly (one side is a little worse than the other). He wasn't overly concerned and gave me antibiotics just in case but there's no sign of infection. The wounds are small but I'm having severe anxiety about it. I keep looking at them wondering what I did to myself and they still look so beaten up right now I just can't imagine them ever looking normal again. I'm trying to look at the bigger picture but right now I can't stop crying and I can't really do anything to get my mind off of it. Am I crazy or has anyone else had a similar reaction?