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5 weeks post op and still tired. Normal?

  • aussie_girl
  • Australia
  • 2 years ago

Hi all I'm 5 weeks post op (only small reduction - 34E to 34C) and still very tired. I'm only able to do 45 min at the gym and that's just walking and resistance work, nowhere near the high intensity or frequency I was pre op. The surgeon cleared me to go back to the gym át 2 weeks post op - he even said I could go back to the rowing machine, but I haven't yet as that doesn't seem to align with what I've read here. I have had a wound opening at the t junction, so not sure if this is slowing my healing and recovery? I've put on weight (and gone UP a cup size :( )since the surgery so very keen to get back to high intensity exercise. How were others' recovery levels 4-6 weeks post op? Just wondering when I can expect to get back feeling good. :)

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Hi, Im post op 4 weeks today, and like you I feel so tired , especially after any exertion , or normal activity around the house. I have internal stitches in place, consultant says if they are still there at next clinic in 5 weeks he will then take them out ... Ive had a reduction from 32H to 32C i feel the benefits already, no pain in neck and shoulders etc ... ive also been told i need to buy a very strong sports bra a size too small whenever i can start to run again (doc says no running until next clinic) wounds are healing ver well, although on one side it looks like ive taken a reaction to the staples (removed 12 days post op) on one breast only, the other being completely clear of the 'track' marks ... would it have been the annesthetic that makes you so tired for so long ?
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Hi, I don't know if anyone else has responded but I am 4 weeks post-op and still tire very easily, I almost feel as though something is wrong. I haven't gone back to the gym, but I want to. I have a hematoma in my right breast which feels like there is a hard rock under the skin. I am afraid that if I do any high impact exercises that I will aggravate it and it will not heal as fast. I am thinking about doing the elliptical for now just to get back in there and exercise, but I worry about that because I also tire very easily. Are you taking multi-vitamins? I am taking multi-vitamins and iron also. I feel as though a vampire is coming in at night while I sleep and sucking away my energy...I don't know if it is normal or not...are you feeling any better? You wrote this in January and it's February now.
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Hi there, I am only 2 weeks post op and was told that I coukd expect to feel tired for at least a month, so I think what you are feeling is normal. I'm used to high intensity exercise too but have been told no exercise for 6 weeks and then only walking, swimming and possibly the bike so long as it doesnt make my boobs wobble. Definitely no elliptical, rowing, running or weights until 3 months. Its a big ask but a small price to pay for a good result. There are lots of deep stitches that need time to heal. I lnow what you mean about putting on weight. I am staying very conscious of my calorie intake to try and prevent this. I too have a small haematoma and I want all my energy to go into repairing this and not into any tired muscles! Hope this helps.
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Also, in addition to arnica and bromelain I am taking a multi vitamin and omegas
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Thank you Top is a journey that I hope is worth it in the end.
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