I am five weeks post op and I have a very nasty open wound.

  • Gurl98
  • 1 year ago

The nasty one is under my left breast and I have a small one that seems to be healing under the right one. My PS has me doing a wet to dry packing which huts and bleeds whenever I have to change it, I am so depressed and feels like its never going to heal. My BR was done on 4/5/13 and was going ok until las Tuesday when this wound developed. 

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i have the same thing ,its from poor cirrculation in that area,my dr said to air it out and clean it with saline water.it is still there but it doesnt feel raw ,
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Hi lulu nj How is ur wound? Mine is healing extremely slow. R u restricted n any way? I have been scared out of my mind to move.
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I'm so sorry. I've read that quite a few have had wounds open there. You may want to do a board search on open wounds. I had a small one and even asked the docs why can't they just stitch it back up, there were good answers there. Mine did finally close after what seemed like forever. It's almost like when I stopped obsessing about it it started healing. Now it seems like ages ago that it was a problem! Best wishes to you. Ps you could get a second opinion, and or ask the docs here!
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