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4 Weeks Post Op and Chin Looks Worse Than Before Smartlipo.

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  • SF, CA
  • 2 years ago

Had smartlipo on chin only for hereditary double chin. 4 weeks and still no improvement, it actually looks worse than before.  I am in pretty good shape and had only a little fat taken out. Now it looks rounded with no defined jaw at all, firm areas, bumps, plus still tender.  Did anyone else have this experience and still have good results in the end?  When did you finally see some improvement?

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I also had chin lipo on July 16. 2012 (5 weeks ago) I can see a difference in my jaw line and the chin looks better but I have huge ugly lumps and bumps all over my neck. I massage and wear compression garments almost 24/7 with no improvement. Did yours get any better?

Hopefully by now you have great improvement!! Let us know!! Had mine done you can look at my before and chin looks great....I too have weird look on I massage and it looks like it is slowly improving.
No, I never had any substantial improvement. It's been 2.5 years now and my chin looks almost the same as before surgery, only now it is uneven. I have not gained any weight, so it just didn't work. What a waste of money!
mine looks a little smaller but has lumps underneath not too happy