My 9 weeks post op

  • prissy1
  • Los Angeles, Ca
  • 3 years ago

Hi ladies!! I've missed you all, been really busy with my new job. I'm feeling great, swelling is finally down to a min, I still get "swell hell" on those rare days I do a lot of running around but it gets better each week, I haven't worn spanks at all the last two weeks, I still sometimes wear my compression garment to bed though. My incision is healing nicely, still a little dark in some spots, I am using a combination of Timanu oil and Mederma. The only drawback is 2 days ago, I started noticing a raised portion on the side of my belly button..looks like there is a partial keloid..I am praying it flattens, but I know with african american skin we are susceptible to them. I hope everyone is doing well and recovering well!