6 weeks PO and they still haven't dropped much. Should I be concerned?

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First I love having boobs. I wonder if women who are lucky enuf to have them naturally, appreciate them. Its such fun to look down and see cleavage and breasts. My breasts look wonderful in a bra BUT out of the bra they don't look as good. The lower pole is still empty especially on the left. They are much softer and I can feel the silicone if i push up under the nipple. Am I being to impatient? In the photos you can really see where the silicone is and where it needs to go. I noticed the girls look rather flat in the photo-they really aren't from upper pole to nipple. FYI- I had 400cc Mentor silicone under muscle-went from a deflated small B to a very full C-sometimes D

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Glad to hear you love having boobs! Have you consulted with your PS about your concern? It's difficult to tell from the photo whether or not you just need more time or if they are not settling quite right. I suggest discussing with your PS and if you're still not satisfied, a second opinion might be worth your time. Good luck!

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I actually did check with him-will see him the first week in August. I actually sent 4 pictures-not sure what happened. Thank you for responding!
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That's great you have an appointment soon. Maybe you'll have healed more by then too! 

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