6 weeks PO and they still haven't dropped much. Should I be concerned?

  • Outthere
  • Boston MA
  • 1 year ago

First I love having boobs. I wonder if women who are lucky enuf to have them naturally, appreciate them. Its such fun to look down and see cleavage and breasts. My breasts look wonderful in a bra BUT out of the bra they don't look as good. The lower pole is still empty especially on the left. They are much softer and I can feel the silicone if i push up under the nipple. Am I being to impatient? In the photos you can really see where the silicone is and where it needs to go. I noticed the girls look rather flat in the photo-they really aren't from upper pole to nipple. FYI- I had 400cc Mentor silicone under muscle-went from a deflated small B to a very full C-sometimes D