2 weeks PO and some rippling already?

  • simalyn
  • 2 years ago

Hi Ladies, On June 22 I had BA, mentor memory smooth mod/plus 350cc. I am 5'5", 115, thin and smallish framed.  I had little to no natural breast tissue and went sub/muscular.  I had procedure on a Friday and on Monday appt. bandages were removed.  My breast were already in a low, natural position and pretty soft to touch....already! One week PO appt. not much change except what minimal swelling I had was gone.  My breast are very soft and natural to the touch and sit low ( I hope they don't try to drop more!!!).  My question......the left breast has rippling at the bottom outside already.  You can feel the implant like it is not full.  When I bend over you can definitely see rippling on both breasts at the sides.  Is this becasue I am so naturally thin and don't really have any body fat in this area?  Is it normal? I do love my boobs, but I am concerned with the rippling already.  Any input would be appreciated.   I will try to post pics tonight when I get home.   Thanks!

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Thank you for your response. I have my next appt on the 30th. You can definitely feel the implant in the left breast at the bottom. It is larger and fuller on the bottom than the right breast. The right breast is wonderful. I am shocked at how soft and real they feel right away. If it wasn't for the problem with the bottom left you would never know they were implants!

I hope my surgeon will be able to do something about this :(
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Hi there,

I'm sorry you're experiencing rippling. That generally occurs more with over the muscle salines (from what I understand), but it might be possible with you since you're so thin. You might want to check with your doctor and see if this is something that is a side effect of healing or if it will settle down in time. Please let us know what happens!

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