2 weeks PO and some rippling already?

  • simalyn
  • 2 years ago

Hi Ladies, On June 22 I had BA, mentor memory smooth mod/plus 350cc. I am 5'5", 115, thin and smallish framed.  I had little to no natural breast tissue and went sub/muscular.  I had procedure on a Friday and on Monday appt. bandages were removed.  My breast were already in a low, natural position and pretty soft to touch....already! One week PO appt. not much change except what minimal swelling I had was gone.  My breast are very soft and natural to the touch and sit low ( I hope they don't try to drop more!!!).  My question......the left breast has rippling at the bottom outside already.  You can feel the implant like it is not full.  When I bend over you can definitely see rippling on both breasts at the sides.  Is this becasue I am so naturally thin and don't really have any body fat in this area?  Is it normal? I do love my boobs, but I am concerned with the rippling already.  Any input would be appreciated.   I will try to post pics tonight when I get home.   Thanks!