5 weeks since ftt no appetite , very thristy, lots of muscle cramping , and very tired????

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  • 3 years ago

Hello, I am about 5 weeks out from a full tummy tuck and muscle repair. I had problems with my drains at around 2 weeks I had green drainage and doctor removed then and said not to worry. Now I have no appetite still,very thirsty , muscle cramps all over and joint pain like I have the flu ( not the flu thou) and on and off low grade fever at night . Maybe 2 to 4 days last couple weeks.. Anyone else have or had this?? Should I worry ?? is this normal?

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Could this be an infection? I recommend calling your surgeon's office right away. And if they don't take you seriously, find someone who will.

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i think you might need antibiotics! tell your MD AND your PS
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You sound like you are dehydrated. Def get back to see your PS with the fever. Fever is never normal. Good luck!!!
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I am nearly 4 weeks out, and have not experienced any of those problems. Go back and see your PS.
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